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Exploring Italy's Digital Nomad Visa: What You Need to Know to Make Your Italian Nomad Dream a Reality

The long awaited Italian Digital Nomad Visa is here! Tailor-made for independent freelancers and perfect for female writers, designers, independent contractors and entrepreneurs (aka our typical Cummari guests!)

Italy's Digital Nomad Visa for Female Digital Nomads
Guest Yvonne photo by @Callme Studio

The Italian Digital Nomad Visa is for Non EU citizens that want to immerse themselves in the vibrant Italian culture while managing their freelance endeavors from anywhere beyond the Italian borders.

The literal translation from Italian of who is eligible: "a foreigner who does independent/freelance work using technological instruments that allows them to work remotely."

Is this you?

This incredible news leaves me to wonder, did my witchy desires manifested this for my clients to experience the "dolce fare niente" life with me? We will never know...

Here's the list of requirements for the Italian digital nomad visa.

I already know many of my Cummari guests who could easily be eligible!

  • Demonstrable income exceeding three times the minimum level required for exemption from health care participation expenses, approximately 28,000 euros.

  • High level of skill in your field, evidenced by education and/or experience.

  • Minimum of 6 months' experience as a digital nomad or remote worker, supported by evidence.

  • Presentation of a work contract or job offer for remote workers.

  • Health insurance covering medical treatments and hospitalization in Italy for the entire duration of stay.

  • Proof of accommodation arrangement in Italy.

Another plus of this visa for digital nomads with a spouse or children - you can bring your spouse and dependent children with you to Italy! In order to do so they must apply for a family reunification visa. This will  allow them to live in Italy with you concurrent with your Digital Nomad Visa.

Most importantly, how do you apply for Italy's digital nomad visa? 

To initiate your visa application process, visit the website of the Italian Embassy or Consulate in your area to schedule an appointment. Ensure you have a valid passport with an expiration date extending at least 3 months beyond the requested visa period, totaling a minimum of 15 months validity.

How does this differ from Italy's other "remote worker" visa?

Italy's Digital Nomad Visa for coliving in Sicily
Guest Colette photo by @Callme Studio

The remote workers visa is for employees working remotely from a company incorporated outside of Italy. The official website for information on the Italy Digital Nomad Visa is managed by the Italian government's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. Make sure to research the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the requirements, application process, and eligibility criteria on their website.

Or perhaps you qualify for a passive income visa?

An alternative visa option for some digital nomads is Italy's passive income visa. This is for anyone who can prove they have passive income of over €31k/year, accommodation in Italy and health insurance. This means you can not actively work while in Italy. This was originally offered for retirees but can be applied to anyone eligible (at any adult age). 

Let us not forget to mention Cummari's options for female digital nomads with or without a visa!

Cummari is working very hard to open our new seaside location on Etna for 2025 so that we can be ready to welcome home all our new visa holding clients! 

If you want to get on Cummari's coliving waiting list for our new location, email Or you want to come to Sicily sooner, you can join our September 2024 Coworking Retreat on Etna - see full details here.

In October 2024, Cummari will also co-host Nomadic Sicily - Digital Nomad Festival on the island of Ortigia in Sicily (October 3rd through 6th) - contact to join the festival here.

Coliving in Itay for digital nomads
Cummari Guest Madison on a Coworking Retreat

Cheers to the new visa and for Italy finally becoming a hub for digital nomads! Best of luck to those of you who take the opportunity to apply!

*please note that Cummari is not a resource for applying for visas.


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