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Michelle Titus

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As the CEO and Founder of three female-led publishing companies headquartered in China, Brazil, and the USA, my professional journey has taken me across the globe. In addition to my entrepreneurial pursuits, I've had the honor of directly engaging with influential world leaders during my tenure as an international correspondent. This experience has afforded me invaluable insights into cultural and emotional intelligence and shaped my perspective on leadership.

My journey has been characterized by a hands-on approach to business management, honed through practical experience and a commitment to continuous learning. While my education at Syracuse University provided a solid foundation in business management, it's been my own dedication and strategic vision that have propelled me to success in my ventures.

In 2019, I transitioned my focus after successfully selling these ventures, delving into human and strategy consulting in addition to my passion...Cummari Sicily. 

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I can assist you with...

Management consulting 

Sales Team One Day Workshops

Community Engagement 


Sicily Focused

Expanding or Partnering with Cummari

Planning female focused Sicilian experience

Planning pilgrimages to ancient feminine sites in Sicily

Real Estate Consulting (purchasing real estate in Sicily, renovating property in Sicily, building a new home in Sicily)

Book a Discovery Call

On Tuesdays I offer 30 minute discovery calls.

I look forward to connecting! 

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