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The Essence Of Cummari

Stays, immersive experiences and community awaits female travellers, creatives, and digital nomads in Sicily.

Cummari was created by Michelle Titus, a 15 year international correspondent (a digital nomad before digital nomads) and former founder/owner of an international publishing company. After working around the world, she chose Sicily as her home and hearth to create a new path in her community engagement work.  

Opening its doors in 2020, Cummari was the pioneer female focused coliving project in Europe. Originally based in the heart of Catania, Sicily, Cummari has since evolved to offer immersive experiences all over the island.


Cummari is more than a coliving or travel concept, it is also a thriving international community of  the most incredible big hearted women (and we have proof to back this claim!).

You can learn about the history of Cummari from our feature in Italy Segreta here. Or read Cummari's recent in Harpers Bazaar here.

Learn about the "Cummari Concept" below.

Cummari's Story
Coworking and coliving in Sicily
The Concept

For anyone seeking inspiration, it is easy to find, here in Sicily.  This is where water, fire, air and earth all converge at the heart of the Mediterranean.

Cummari was created to be a home away from home, where explorers can find inspiration and thrive in community. It is a place for solo female travellers to feed their cultural passions, businesses, adventures, or simply to rest in good company. 

Cummari offers inclusive spaces & community. All genders and identities are welcomed and are vital to supporting Cummari's vision and existence. Historically women have not always been/felt safe when travelling solo and for this reason we prioritize guests who identify as female.


We ask those staying with us to respect our ethos, to help us create a welcome and safe place for all, regardless of ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, race, religion, abilities or gender.

Concept Paragraph

Cummari's Host

Hello, I am Miche (Michelle).


I hail from a farmtown known for horses, apples and mountains nestled in the picturesque Hudson Valley, New York (though I kindly request we sidestep discussions about the current state of the USA). As an adult, I've been incredibly fortunate to embark on a global journey through my career as an international correspondent. From Belgium to Australia, Finland to Malaysia, I've lived and worked around the world, soaking in diverse cultures and perspectives along the way. You could certainly dub me an "old-school" digital nomad—I embraced remote work long before smartphones revolutionized the scene.


I proudly served as the CEO and Founder of three female-led publishing companies, each headquartered in China, Brazil, and the USA. In 2019, I transitioned my focus after successfully selling these ventures, delving into my passion project with Cummari. For further insights into my career journey, feel free to connect with me on Linkedin.


While not holding space for Cummari women, I focus my energy on matriarchal anthropology studies, holistic arts and olive oil (which I produce in small batches on my farm Liquorice Hill located on Volcano Etna in Sicily). 


With great passion I also plan feminine pilgrimages for women in Sicily with SheLegends. And I serve as the community manager of  ZingarelleSicilia , an international women's community in Sicily.

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