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From The Goddess docuseries
& 4 Week Online Knowledge Series
"Once we lived in peace"
- Dr. Marija Gimbutas 

Let's take a deep dive into our shared herstory! We invite you to take part in meaningful discussions fueled by the docuseries From The Goddess, by Laura Hirch, founder of WOMENBODIMENT.  


From The Goddess is a 6-part docuseries that fills in major feminine history gaps in modern education.
This knowledge series serves as an opportunity for us to become familiar with and be inspired by our shared herstory. By exploring ancient cultures we can gain a new sense of hope from understanding our humanity's peaceful matriarchal past.
Sample topics covered in the docuseries

An introduction to the concept or the cosmology of the Great Goddess, female figurine finds, the peaceful matriarchal societies and the emergence of patriarchy. Various forms of contemporary Goddess reverence: from temples, conferences, programs, the profession of priestessing - to actively protecting Mother Earth. How female artists bring in important perspective in looking at herstory.

Structure & Participation

The knowledge series will consist of four, one-hour video calls. Conversations and questions have been curated to helps us all explore the docuseries' topics as a community. Each participant is encouraged to follow along and contribute to the discussions as their time and/or ability allows.

Cummari Co-Facilitators:

Miche Titus and Rayna Lewis. We are women who seek knowledge not only in the physical realm but also by delving into spirituality and inner reflection.  

Message from the Filmmaker, Laura Hirch

Dear women,

I am very grateful Cummari women have decided to dive into my series FROM THE GODDESS and embark on this journey to learn more about our role in ancient society.

I was blessed to meet over 38 experts on this topic who have dedicated their lives, some for over 50 years already, to discover and uncover knowledge that is not taught in school and for the most part rendered silent - because it questions the current societal form of patriarchy.

This body of work is the fruit of my last three years of research, traveling, and production as a one woman show and I hope to inspire you to manifest your projects, visions and dreams.

And most importantly - I wish this series will help you to remember the incredible herstory we share. 

Laura Hirch - Founder and filmmaker of WOMENBODIMENT Films & artist, writer and Neptunian Dream Weaver of textile portals

What can I expect from a knowledge series?

A "knowledge series" typically refers to a sequence of educational events organized around a specific topic. The purpose of our knowledge series is to provide participants with a deeper understanding and comprehensive insights into herstory. Our series will consist of multiple sessions, each building upon the previous one, to create a cohesive learning experience.

Meet your co-hosts



In her quest for hidden truths, Rayna presently is enjoying creating an Oracle deck of questions, exploring the culture of femininity/womanhood (hopefully with you!), and continuing to expand her in-depth intuitive practice.


Chasing herstory has completely changed Miche's life. Her passion for feminine anthropology & archeology to find answers from our matriarchal past are what drives her in her daily work with Cummari.

Image by Thyla Jane
Goddess workshop

When: October 2024

Time: One hour video calls at 12 noon Eastern Standard Time/18:00 European Standard Time.

(calls will be recorded for those who are not able to attend live calls)  

Donation Request: 120 euro for the four week, one hour knowledge series calls. Including downloadable rights to WOMENBODIMENT's 6 episode docuseries 6 episodes on Vimeo (cost 44.64 euro)

Request to Join  

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