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Women from the Cummari Community
share their experiences...


When I booked my space at the Divining Creativity Retreat, I hoped to re-open my stream of creativity. Little did I know that I was on a completely different quest. 

While I've always carried a creative streak, I didn't give it enough room in my life and instead focused on things I needed to do as an adult. Throughout the week, I learned that what actually brought me here was the desire to connect with myself. To find my home within me, so I could stop searching for the missing pieces. 


I enjoyed being surrounded by so many different women, each on their own journey, but coming together to witness the strength of community. 


Photo by Callme Studio Sicily


Having spent my summer in Cummari it’s been a crossroads of divine serenity and growth.  Michelle provides a sacred space for women who are nomadic and traveling on their own.  I have encountered so many amazing mutil-cultural women with one core essence in mind, soul growth and coming together as a community of powerful women. 


 My time here has been enriched as a woman and has provided more insights into my own life journey. I would recommend Cummari to anyone looking for a beautiful escape.  


My time in Cummari and with this being so close to the energy of Etna, moves me always deeper into my heart. And with this I let go of more and more things. And therefore becomes that, what is really, really important to me just more clear and with this bright.


Cummari makes me able to see so clearly how I want to live. In a physical sense of home and in a sense of connection. 

I allow less to get my ego in the way. I am softer to myself and the world. I feel like that this shift happened over the last year, and when I am in Cummari pieces coming together. 


Photo by Callme Studio Sicily

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Cummari is more than a place for women travelling alone. A community created by the hostess and former digital nomad Miche, who, full of heart and soul, tells the story of the creation of Cummari and creates a feel-good atmosphere for women from all over the world with her helpfulness, liveliness and creativity.


Living and working, but also exchanging ideas with women who could not be more different in some cases and yet sit together at a round kitchen table, laughing, eating pasta, exchanging ideas and learning from each other - that is what made my stay at Cummari an unforgettable time of my life. Never forget: "Eat spaghetti to forgetti your regretti."


Opening the gates to Cummari is a bit like opening the gates to Sicily. Much like Sicily itself, Cummari feels a bit like a little secret. Behind what an untrained eye can perceive as a rough façade opens a small world of beauty and warmth. It’s not an exclusive club, on the contrary, it’s a welcoming community, but you have to know what you are looking for to find it. And once you’re in on the secret, you’re in. Because once you have entered the door to Cummari, other doors will automatically open – secret spots, happenings and events– you will quickly become part of the city beyond tourist traps.


Cummari is a safe space to be in, and to come home to. It’s a calm haven to rest your head, while still managing to create space for social activities and connections to be made. It’s a space where women of all backgrounds come, but who have in common that they are independent, driven and adventurous. Cummari offers a unique combination of space to focus and be ambitious, but also to socialise, explore and go on adventures. Michelle and Igor are tireless, never-ending wells of information and will go out of their way to share their knowledge about the city, but also an insight to life in Sicily in general.

Cummari is the perfect place for someone who wants to connect with other remote-working women, learn about culture and life in Sicily, and who also want a tranquil space to call home during their stay. 

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The second Coliving I came to was Cummari, I picked it on a whim which was very uncharacteristic for me but there was something so beautiful about it. My transition here was a bit rocky and I stumbled a few times (both emotionally and on the uneven sidewalks) but the lessons I learned here were incredible. There is a raw and gritty energy that gets into your veins and propels you out of your comfort zone while the space and the host Michelle offer a haven to process your feelings and ground.

There is some sort of divine, wild magic at work here and it gave me an opportunity to learn so much about myself. Cummari and Sicily helped me heal and find my confidence. There are no words to describe the impact this place has had on me and I will forever be grateful for my time there.



Michelle captures the magic and meaning of cummari providing a one of a kind travel and authentic Italian living experience. Each of us solo travellers arrives a stranger and leaves a cummari. Even the volcano and the region became my cummari.


My experience staying at Cummari was everything I had hoped for and then some.  From a spontaneous ski adventure on Mt Etna to a cooking lesson with Nonna Maria, Michelle imbues a lovely essence in everything she touches. I am looking forward to spending more time at Cummari.



For me, stepping inside Cummari meant instantly feeling at home which is a feeling I don’t often get anymore after many years of traveling. It is a special place where I worked and lived, but also a place where I made friends, laughed, cooked, hiked, soundbathed, relaxed, meditated and where I got in touch with my dormant artistic side. It is so refreshing to step into a space that was designed with women in mind and where I could be myself. I highly recommend it both to first time travelers and women who have been living a nomadic lifestyle for years.


Cummari was home for me the few weeks I lived there. As a freelance journalist, I’ve been working remote for eight years, and as a Third Culture Kid, I’ve been living in different countries my whole life. It’s difficult to find places that feel like “home” when you’re traveling all the time, and this is an important feeling I look for.

I’ve stayed in many hotels and initially, I just wanted a place where I could do laundry and be surrounded by cozy furniture, but I found much more than that in Cummari – I found a community. Many of the women were in the same boat as me – veteran travelers who have seen the world and wanted a stable base for a bit while having adventures in Sicily. I appreciated having my own room and space at Cummari but it was nice having people in the house, too. 

I loved exploring Sicily’s beaches and mountains but my best memories are of going out with my roommates to eat pizza and have an aperitivo (such a Sicilian practice). As women enter their 30s, there’s pressure to behave a certain way, to stop traveling and “settle down.” But I learned so much from this group of women in Cummari. It was nice seeing women my age living life on their own terms, doing what they want to do and simply being happy. We helped each other realize not to take life too seriously and find happiness in the little moments. 

I can’t wait to return to Cummari – hopefully next year – not just for the Sicilian treats and sunshine but also to see who else I’ll meet and what they’ll teach me. Grazie mille Cummari!

Solo female travel, woman owned housing
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Cummari is one of those special places where you immediately feel at home: the cozy atmosphere, the small details brought to the decoration, the quietness of the space. Perfect to release and recharge, but also to work as it’s a space where it’s easy to focus on what you have to do. It became the perfect cocoon for me during my time there!


Michelle is very kind and reliable, always here in case of any issues, and to give you the best tips to discover the treasures of Sicily. I know that I will come back!



Cummari is a very special place and like nowhere I have stayed before. I have travelled around the world staying in hostels, homestays, Air BnBs, hotels, etc. and nowhere compares. When I arrived, the airline had lost all my luggage and Michelle was there ready to help in any way she could. She was always like that during my 6 weeks stay- super thoughtful, cooking the most delicious lunches, and sending tips and different places to check out when she knew what the guest was interested in. Fantastic host and with so much knowledge of Sicily in general, loads of connections, and just a very interesting person to talk to about anything really (especially all her travel experiences!). 


The women staying in Cummari help to make the place so special as well. I met numerous women during my stay- all different backgrounds, ages, jobs, etc. which made for unique connections every time. One of the aspects I loved was being able to do my work during the day and then switch off completely and go out exploring Catania at night- the food, bars, even just strolling around the city is lovely.


Overall Cummari is an experience, not just a stay. It doesn't leave you and you'll always want to go back- hence why Michelle has so many women returning! 

Solo female travel, woman owned housing
Solo female travel, woman owned housing


I had just started solo traveling when I found Cummari. I was a bit nervous about whether a retiree would match the profile of a cummari and would be able fit in.

But that’s what is so magical about Cummari … you get there, and the atmosphere Miche has created instantly melts away any fears or concerns and replaces them with a sense of belonging and support, free from any judgment. My fellow cummari, of varied ages and countries, were universally welcoming, kind-hearted, open, helpful, and encouraging. Miche and my fellow cummari made it easy for me to say yes to trying new things and going out of my comfort zone.

The funny thing is that the culture of cummari stays with you long after you leave because you know there is a tribe of women out there who get it and are rooting for you and you for them. That cummari camaraderie will pull me back to Cummari again and again.



Being able to stay at Cummari House feels like almost divine intervention; it was better than anything I could have wished for! As a solo female digital nomad, I was looking for community, coworking, and friendship in a way that would balance out with my own independent lifestyle, and Cummari absolutely delivered.

I can't imagine what my time in Catania would have been like without the Cummari experience (it's Sicily, so probably great, to be fair), but because of it Catania has a little piece of my heart, and I can't wait to come back for more.

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