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Explore your life in Sicily

Cummari concepts are designed for solo female travellers.


Cummari Sicily

What is Cummari? 

Cummari is a word from the Sicilian language that means "female friendship that feels like family."

Our Cummari, was created for solo female-identifying travellers, artists and digital nomads to find inspiration and have culturally immersive experiences in Sicily. 

You can learn about the history of Cummari from our feature in Italy Segreta here.

Solo female travel in Sicily
Cummari Concepts

Curated spaces and experiences for women to thrive in community. If you are seeking a soft place to land, a place where your creativity can come to life, where you can focus on what you need and your soul can feel at home...

Cummari awaits you.

Inclusive female identiflying traveller spaces



Shift the paradigm...

Cummari is an inclusive environment. All genders and identities are welcomed and are vital to supporting Cummari's vision and existence. Historically women have not always been/felt safe when travelling solo and for this reason we prioritize guests who identify as female.

We ask those who join us to respect our ethos, to help us create a welcome and safe place for all, regardless of ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, abilities or gender.

In memory of Aunt Bertie (photo)...finally spaces where your often rejected,

wild and big love heart would have belonged. 

“My time here has been enriched as a woman and has provided more insights into my own life journey. I would recommend Cummari to anyone looking for a beautiful escape. ”

Nicole, NYC

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