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Digital nomads in Sicily
In Sicilian, Cummari means, "female friendship that feels like family"

Our contemporary version of Cummari invites women to embrace their own "female friendships that feel like family."


Cummari Sicily stands as testament to the organic growth of community when female travelers, artists, and digital nomads unite, sharing in the enriching stays and immersive experiences that Cummari offers throughout Sicily.


In 2024, Cummari invites women to indulge in a diverse array of Sicilian experiences. You can reserve your space now for our coliving retreat in September or join our waiting list for Nomadic Sicily, Ortigia's Digital Nomad Festival in early October.


Looking ahead to 2025, we're excited to announce plans for long-term coliving stays in Sicily at a gorgeous new location - stay tuned for updates!


Cummari is an inclusive environment. All genders and identities are welcomed and are vital to supporting Cummari's vision and existence. Historically women have not always been/felt safe when travelling solo and for this reason we prioritize guests who identify as female.​


We ask those who join us to respect our ethos, to help us create a welcome and safe place for all, regardless of ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, abilities or gender.​


In memory of my Aunt Bertie (photo)... finally spaces where your often rejected,wild and big love heart would have belonged. p.s. we are smashing the patriarchy now too.


Rayna wine tasting.png


A new community is an opportunity to try on being a version of yourself you have been afraid of being.


 I learned so much and created lasting relationships. I felt safe with everyone and loved to hear their stories and perspectives.


Cummari makes me able to see so clearly how I want to live. In a physical sense of home and in a sense of connection. 


Cummari's Founder

Hello, I'm Miche. After over a decade of running my own bootstrapped publishing companies in China, Brazil, and the USA, I made the decision to sell my businesses and respond to the calling of creating spaces and fostering community for women. Having experienced the strength of all female teams in my businesses, I was eager to transition the same concepts to something more impactful.


When Cummari first opened, I could never have imagined the multitude of incredible women it would bring into my life. Cummari embodies the philosophy of healing oneself to heal the world and creating something you love, knowing that "your people" will love it too. Learn more...

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