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Explore life in Sicily

Cummari concepts are designed for for solo female travellers.
The Concept

What is Cummari?

Cummari concepts are for solo female-identifying and non binary travellers, artists and digital nomads to find inspiration and have a cultural immersion experiences in Sicily. 

Cummari in the Sicilian language means "friendship that feels like family." You can read about the history of Cummari in Italy Segreta here.

Cummari is for experienced travellers that appreciate elements of luxury and want something new. They enjoy private space but also love to socialize with other  international women.

In 2019, a 10+ year international correspondent & digital nomad partnered with a Sicilian architect to redesign a traditional (1800s) house to become the first Cummari.

Coworking Retreat in Sicily
Cummari Catania

House, Coworking, Work of Art

Cummari Catania has been lovingly transformed from an abandoned home into a living work of art. In each room you will encounter a unique theme and feeling.

Cummari is a bispoke design that combines classic Sicilian elements with thoughtful & modern design to create a luxurious accommodation space.


At the centre of the house is the Cummari coworking room - a space to create, work or relax. There are 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a shared kitchen, laundry and a large terrace. Our quiet room and/or private office is for women who thrive in community but also need time to focus.

Long term room rental in Sicily
Cummari on the Etna farm November 2023

Cummari on the farm

There is no better time to be in Sicily than harvest time - the grapes and olives will have just been pressed and so the experience will flow with fresh olive oil and wine! 

Cummari is offering an all-inclusive group retreat on a private bio farm for 10 women. We will gather together for two weeks from November 11th to November 25th, 2023. 

This is your time to slow down to the rural Sicilian pace and enjoy local experiences in good company. We are planning midweek and weekend local activities as your schedule allows or heart desires. If you ever wanted to see how olive oil is made or taste local wines with a female wine maker - this will be your chance!

Women's Coworking All Inclusive Retreat in Sicily
Coworking in Sicily

Let it flow...

We create spaces for female travellers and digital nomads who bring their work or personal projects with them, as they travel Italy, Europe or around the world. The energy is also perfect for artists seeking a creative residency space or for writers seeking inspiration.

Cummari has reliable wifi and offers endless supplies of free coffee, tea and pasta.

Digital nomad coworking hub

Sharing success and joy

"I worked remotely with Michelle (Cummari's founder) at a boutique, remote, international company run by 21 women.  She was Co-Founder and CEO and an incredible example of work/life balance. Creating a million-dollar business is never easy, but she always made time to enjoy her hard work.  I remember when she told the team our annual meeting would be held in Croatia, not much work was done on yacht day, but it's still the best meeting I've ever had in my life!  Productivity is inevitable when you create an environment of trust and fun, both of those were present at BBR, led by a great leader." ~ Stephanie bka "Just A Vessel" 

Stephanie is an International Poet and Digital Nomad.

Miche with guests Nicole & Nikki at Etna Urban Winery


Shift the paradigm...

Cummari is an inclusive environment. All genders and identities are welcomed and are vital to supporting Cummari's vision and existence. Historically women have not always been/felt safe when travelling solo and for this reason we prioritize guests who identify as female.

We ask those staying with us to respect our ethos, to help us create a welcome and safe place for all, regardless of ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, abilities or gender.

Women's Retreat in Sicily

In memory of Aunt Bertie...finally a place where your often rejected,

wild and big love heart would have belonged. 

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