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Divining Creativity Retreat, May 13- 17th 2024 , Siracusa, Sicily hosted by Cummari and writer Lavinia Spalding and painter Colette Hannahan
Cummari's Spring Retreat
When: May 2025
Where: Siracusa, Sicilia


On this four-night creativity retreat in the Oasi Gelsomineto Wildlife Refuge of Siracusa, Sicily, we will connect with our richest experiences, deepen our own understanding of them.

View scenes from our 2024 retreat!


In this intimate, nourishing space, we will explore the divine feminine deeply rooted in Sicily, tap into our own, and unearth our potent and sacred creativity. ​​We will gather for meals, meditation/movement, and women's circles as well to digest our experiences and spark magic. 

We will be staying at a Masseria Agriturismo (a producing farm and hotel = agriturismo) on the Ionian Sea where you can swim and stroll along the cliffs throughout the day. Together, we will share Sicilian meals, drink wine from the island. You will have the option to start the day with a short meditation and movement practice (light yoga, qi gong, dance) to fuel your creativity. 

This retreat is for persons who identify as female and those who are gender non-conforming.

Who is this for?  

Persons who are...

  • seeking fresh inspiration and energy

  • creatives who want to expand their talents

  • wanting time to focus on their inner voice

  • seeking matriarchal history knowledge

  • craving healthy community and connection

The Location

Your stay at a masseria/agriturismo on the Ionian Sea in Sicily will be an enchanting experience that evokes a sense of tranquility, authenticity, and natural beauty. The combination of the rustic charm of the masseria and the stunning coastal surroundings creates a unique atmosphere that captivates visitors.

The serene ambiance of the agriturismo immerses you in the heart of Sicilian countryside life. Surrounded by lush olive groves and fields of grain, there's a feeling of connection to the land and its rich agricultural heritage. The peacefulness of the setting encourages relaxation and appreciation of the slower pace of rural life.

The Ionian Sea's azure waters and beautiful coastline add a touch of magic to the agriturismo experience. The sight and sound of the sea create a soothing backdrop, inviting you to unwind and embrace the coastal serenity. The gentle sea breeze carries the scent of saltwater mingled with aromatic herbs, further enhancing the sensory experience.

The warmth and hospitality at the agriturismo contribute to a welcoming and authentic Sicilian stay. You will have the opportunity to savor traditional Sicilian dishes prepared with fresh, local ingredients and perhaps even olive oil pressed from the very trees surrounding the property.

Your retreat will be a harmonious blend of natural beauty, cultural immersion, and a deep connection to the land—a truly memorable and soul-stirring experience.

Divining Creativity Retreat, May 13- 17th 2024 , Siracusa, Sicily hosted by Cummari and writer Lavinia Spalding and painter Colette Hannahan
Divining Creativity Retreat, May 13- 17th 2024 , Siracusa, Sicily hosted by Cummari and writer Lavinia Spalding and painter Colette Hannahan.

The Concept

Tapping into Divine Feminine Creativity is a concept that delves into the idea of nurturing and harnessing creativity by drawing inspiration from our innate wild woman.

The Divine Feminine represents a spectrum of qualities such as intuition, nurturing, compassion, empathy, fluidity, receptivity, and creative expression. Tapping into this energy involves recognizing and honoring these attributes, both in oneself and in the creative process.

Creativity, in this context, is not just about artistic expression but also about innovative thinking and the ability to manifest ideas into reality. It's about accessing a deeper, more intuitive way of creating and allowing ideas to flow naturally, without force or constraint.

To tap into your Divine Feminine Creativity, you may: 

  • Cultivate receptivity and intuition: Embrace moments of stillness, meditation, or introspection to connect with intuition and allow creative ideas to surface organically.

  • Embrace fluidity and flexibility: Adopt an open-minded approach to creativity, allowing ideas to evolve and change direction without rigid constraints.

  • Honor emotions and vulnerability: Acknowledge and embrace emotions as a source of inspiration and creativity. 

  • Collaborate and nurture connections: Value collaboration, community, and supportive relationships. Sharing ideas and collaborating with others can amplify creativity.

This concept isn't limited to any particular gender; it's about tapping into energies and qualities traditionally associated with the Divine Feminine archetype, which can be present within individuals of any gender. It's a way of embracing a holistic approach to creativity that incorporates intuition, empathy, and a deeper connection with oneself and the world around us.

What's Included? 

  • 4 night stay at a gorgeous Sicilian Agriturismo on the sea

  • Sicilian style breakfasts (4), lunches (3) & dinners (4) 

  • 3  workshops a day 

  • Transfer to/from Catania Int'l Airport to the Masseria 

  • Expansive grounds for taking a walk on the farm or at the sea

  • Plenty of eating, relaxing, laughing and activities to awaken new creativity hidden within you

View scenes from our 2024 retreat!

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