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Private Italian Language Lessons
Italian Language
Do you want to "live like a local" in Italy? 

The best way to live like a local, is to speak like a local. Cummari offers private Italian language lessons in partnership with the The Melting Pot language school in Catania. Perfect for guests starting from zero to guests wanting to perfect their Italian language skills.

10 hours of private Italian lessons - €200

*Lessons can be in 1-3 hours depending on the guests schedule

*Special rate only applies for Cummari guests

Meet our Italian Language Tutor

demetra photo_edited_edited.jpg

Demetra, Italian Tutor & The Melting Pot

Demetra is a local Catanese, Siciliana who is ready to help and explain Italian to foreigners. She has a passion for travel and psychology as she loves to be around people and connect with them. If you are lucky, she might even teach you some Sicilian too!


Demetra works in partnership with The Melting Pot language school owned by our cummari, Julia Thrush. Julia is a Siciliana/Americana teacher and linguist, who founded her Catania based school in 2010. She loves giving opportunities to learn about other cultures in order to break down barriers. Having chosen to live in Catania, she also loves promoting the local culture and showing its potential.

Italian Teacher
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