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A travel house designed for female digital nomads & explorers.

Our top 3 reasons for why we created Cummari.


The most rewarding time of my corporate career was when I (Michelle, the founder of Cummari) was part of an international female team. For 10 years I started and ran publishing companies with my business partner Elizabeth Dusch.

With the support of our female leadership team, we grew successful publishing companies in China, Brazil and the United States. All the women were either full time digital nomads or worked from home, including lots of amazing mamas!

When we hit our goals, we put work aside and celebrated together with retreats in Rio, Split, NYC, Montreal and Paris.

All female leadership team
Company retreat in Montreal, Canada

In 2019, Elizabeth and I sold our businesses and I bought Cummari to expand my passion for creating meaningful connections.

My hope is that Cummari will inspire a new network of adventurous and independent women. People who value a balance between work (working hard enough to achieve the financial independence to travel or live abroad) and prioritizing unforgettable life experiences. These kinds of women are limitless.


There is an intangible value for the “cozy,” “hygge,” “gezellig” feelings of a well designed home. As a former digital nomad who lived in 18 countries - I was most influenced by my time in Scandinavia, The Netherlands, Scotland and Switzerland. To me these are expert cultures in "cozy feelings” and places I often miss.

Luxury room in Catania
Morgana Room at Cummari

With my partner, Architect Igor Grippaldi, we designed Cummari as a one of a kind experience for our guests. We created a space that encourages sipping tea slowly in the morning and afternoon naps in the sun.

Each room was curated to include rare to find touches and bespoke furniture designed by Igor. Original, inspiring works from Sicilian and international artists adorn our walls.

The fluffy white bed linens call to guests after a long day exploring (or working) and the kitchen table is the hearth every traveller deserves.


Global statistics of violence against persons who identify as women remains too high. Also, there has been an increase in news of Airbnb hosts assaulting female guests. For female travellers to truly thrive while abroad, its evident the industry needs to evolve.

As a sexual assault survivor and after my own disturbing experience with an Airbnb host in Portugal - I decided to fuel that evolution.

We created Cummari as a simple choice. So that female travellers can avoid time wasted doing lengthy research on accommodations. Cummari is a transparent and safe space from which women can explore, adventure and mingle as and when they please.

While living at Cummari, we remind guests daily that their comfort and safety are our top priorities.

Solo female travellers
Lunch at Cummari with solo female traveller guests

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