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If you answer yes to any of the following questions...then Cummari was made for you!

Do you enjoy cultural immersion experiences?

Do you value new friendships with interesting women of the world?

Do you appreciate extra comfort and safety while travelling?

Do you need a place to stay that allows you to focus on work?

Do you like to live in a community, sharing food and experiences with others?

Do you prefer to share a house with women while travelling, but do not want to stay in a nunnery (the option of the past in Italy)?

Do you get energy from working side by side with other women who work “smart” to save money for travel and experiences?

Do you like to explore unique cities that are different from anywhere else you have been?

Do you enjoy living in an environment that feels like home?

Do you get inspired by art?

Do you love the mixture of antiques with modern interior design?

Do you love Sicily?

I like to live by the rule "If it isn't a hell yes, then it is a no."

So if you had a hell yes, to any of the above questions...we look forward to seeing you at Cummari!

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