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Discover the unyielding spirit of Sicilians at Nomadic Sicily

Nomadic Sicily launches the first ever Digital Nomad Festival on the Island of Ortigia in Sicily -10-13 October 2024.

Nomadic Sicily is gathering some of the island's most creative, engaging and disruptive minds to discuss what will matter for 2025 and beyond and how to navigate our unique paths in this new nomadic world.

Forty digital nomads are invited to the stunning island of Ortigia, Sicily (the former headquarters of the Greek Empire) to be part of the inaugural edition of a boutique festival from 10th to 13th October 2024.

The four-day program will allow attendees to really get under the skin of the unique island of Ortigia and by extension Sicily. Highlights include beachside sunrise yoga, fresh food market tours and artisan-led classes. 

Festival goers will develop personally and professionally thanks to sessions with expert speakers, relax and recharge during social activities and grow their nomad network.

Attendees won’t help but fall in love with Sicily, opening their hearts to all the possibilities that this passionate island offers to digital nomads for their own lives and ventures.

About the founders:

Nomadic Sicily is presented by two digital nomads and entrepreneurs who have chosen to make Sicily their home and place of business. Michelle Titus, originally from New York is a former international news correspondent and the founder of Cummari Sicily, Europe’s first coliving and coworking house for female digital nomads. Katrina Eglite, originally from Latvia, is a visual artist and the founder of Callme Studio and Ortigia Official coworking space. 

Michelle (left) Katrina (right)

Michelle Titus, Co-Host of Nomadic Sicily and Founder of Cummari Sicily, said: "The rebellious spirit of the Sicilians has allowed me to fully embrace my individuality, much more than when I was living in New York. As Cummari’s host, I have witnessed how easily my guests also embrace the Sicilian way of 'come as you are.' That is why I am excited to host Nomadic Sicily. For the first time, digital nomads will be welcomed into a dynamic Sicilian community with the purpose of inspiring them to explore their own passions. To me, the possibilities in such a setting seem endless."

Katrina Eglite, Co-Host of Nomadic Sicily and the founder of Callme Studio and Ortigia Official coworking space, said: “I want to bring people to Sicily because it truly inspires my creativity and sense of authenticity. As an artist and digital nomad, I see Sicily evolving beyond stereotypes and offering a fresh perspective. I want to share this experience with others. The deep connections I’ve made with fellow enthusiasts here are irreplaceable. For me, my home of Ortigia is truly where curiosity sparks transformative experiences.”


Our headline speakers will address making green nomadic travel a reality, disrupting outdated industries, restoring ancient traditions into thriving businesses, reinventing the meaning of community in a 2,000-year-old city, and many other secret stories of modern Sicily.

  • Enrica Arena, CEO of Orange Fiber

  • Ruth Wright, Managing Editor of Euronews Green & Travel

  • Nicola Purrello, Founder of Etna Urban Winery

  • Barbara Prandini, Owner of MOON (Move Ortigia Out of Normality)

  • Liliana Rosano, English & Italian Journalist based in Sicily

  • Viviana Cannizzo, Owner of Chatwin Coliving House

For full information and tickets: 

Location: Nomadic Sicily will be hosted by Move Ortigia Out of Normality (MOON) Ortigia’s first vegan restaurant now celebrating 10 years of success and in the palace ballroom of MADE Art School: Academia di Belle Arti Rosario Gagliardi. 

Contact Details: For media inquiries, interviews and further information on Nomadic Sicily please contact Michelle Titus, Co-Host of Nomadic Sicily and Founder of Cummari Sicily by email: 

We invite you to follow Nomadic Sicily’s social media via Instagram here:


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