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Creativity Retreat
When: May 13- 17th 2024
Where: On the sea in Siracusa Sicily


On this five-day creativity retreat (May 13-17th, 2024) in the Oasi Gelsomineto Wildlife Refuge of Siracusa, Sicily, we will connect with our richest experiences, deepen our own understanding of them, and put them to paper. In this intimate, nourishing space, we will explore the divine feminine deeply rooted in Sicily, tap into our own, and unearth our potent and sacred creativity. 

Lavinia Spalding (writing/meditation), Michelle Titus (feminine intuition/women’s circles), and Colette Hannahan (art/meditation) invite you to gather the words and images to bring your experiences to life through storytelling, painting/sketching, meditation, and movement in a nurturing, deeply held environment. All levels of writers and painters are welcome!

We will craft your lived tales together from prompts, poetic passages, and observation as we conjure “story slices” and "visual vignettes" that serve as the seeds for longer illustrated narratives. We will gather for meals, meditation/movement, and women's circles as well to digest our experiences and spark magic. 

We will be staying at Agriturismo Masseria Sul Mare, (a producing farm and hotel = agriturismo) on the Ionian Sea where you can swim and stroll along the cliffs throughout the day. Together, we will share Sicilian meals, drink wine from the island, and you will have the option to start the day with a short meditation and movement practice (light yoga, qi gong, dance) to fuel your creativity. 

This retreat is for persons who identify as female and those who are gender non-conforming.

Meet Your Hosts

What's Included? 

  • 4 night stay at a gorgeous Sicilian Agriturismo on the sea

  • Options of private room or shared room 

  • Sicilian style breakfast, lunch & dinner on the farm

  • 3 creative workshops a day led by Miche, Colette or Lavinia

  • Expansive grounds for taking a walk on the farm or at the sea.

  • Storytelling, painting/sketching, meditation, and movement

  • Lots of eating, relaxing, laughing and activities to awaken new cretaivity hidden within you.

Get Inspired

Pricing & Details Coming Soon 
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