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A Sicilian Experience...

Stylish accommodations and cultural immersion experiences in Sicily for female travellers, creatives, and digital nomads to thrive. 


Created by a Sicilian architect and a 15 year international correspondent (digital nomad) team. After working around the world, we are now focused on creating holistic design concepts in Sicily.

Learn about the "Cummari Concept" below.

Cummari's Story
Coworking and coliving in Sicily
The Cummari Concept

For anyone seeking inspiration, it is easy to find, here in Sicily.  This is where water, fire, air and earth all converge at the heart of the Mediterranean.

Cummari was created to be a home away from home, where explorers can find inspiration and thrive in community. It is a place for solo female travellers to feed their cultural passions, businesses, adventures, or simply to rest in good company. 

Cummari is unlike any other accommodation in Europe. It is a house that has been curated to include the comforts and design of a boutique hotel while still retaining the original sensations of a historic Sicilian home. 

Cummari is an inclusive environment. All genders and identities are welcomed and are vital to supporting Cummari's vision and existence. Historically women have not always been/felt safe when travelling solo and for this reason we prioritize guests who identify as female.


We ask those staying with us to respect our ethos, to help us create a welcome and safe place for all, regardless of ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, race, religion, abilities or gender.

Concept Paragraph


Cummari's Host & Industry Pioneer

Born in New York - Michelle (Miche) has worked as an international correspondent and CEO/Founder of female led publishing companies in 18 countries. She is an original digital nomad since 2006 (before smart phones!). Follow her career here on Linkedin.


When not at Cummari, Michelle continues her studies of feminine history, yoga/therapy and olive oil. She also leads pilgrimages with SheLegends tours in Sicily. She is also very involved in bringing together different groups of women through the Zingarelle of Sicilia to strengthen our communities.

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