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Clarify your Intention

When your intention is clear, you are able to live more in the present moment. When you are in the present moment, you can listen better to your intuition. When you listen to your intuition, you are able to live life in your truest form of self. Being true to yourself is arguably the greatest accomplishment we can achieve in our one precious life.


Clarity Session with Miche (Founder of Cummari)

*50 minute session, price 100 euro per session 

During an intention clarifying session, I offer you the space and gentle guidance to reconnect with your true intention. During our session we will start with a resting meditation, followed by a mindfulness exercise to focus on your ephemeral life and we will end with steps that lead you to clarifying your own intention. 


Example scenarios of when you are not clear with your intention. You may relate to one or all: 

  • You can easily compromise yourself in decision making

  • You linger in indecisiveness

  • You spend time with people that do not increase your energy 

  • You easily take on the caretaker role putting yourself last 

  • You secretly feel jealous of women who are thriving

  • You force yourself to participate in social situations that you have no interest in.

  • You choose momentary pleasures or distractions that alter your path or are anti yourself. 


Example scenarios of when you ARE clear with your intention: 

  • You inspire yourself 

  • You understand opportunities when they present themselves 

  • You feel highly independent and only invite people/situations in that align with your intention

  • You experience easier decision making 

  • You create more meaningful relationships

  • You say no often

  • You say hell yes more often

  • You make difficult choices faster 

  • You resist old temptations that do not serve you.

  • You know why you make the decisions you do.

  • You experience increased self confidence and self worth 


“When we live with intention, we utilize a secret superpower that prevents us from betraying ourselves.”


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Without intention, we are subject to bend and adapt to influences around us both grand and trivial. We miss out on the feeling that we are living our truest expression of self. Without intention we can find ourselves going with the flow so much that we forget our own rhythms. 

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